I was at work tonight back in the kid’s section, and there was a little boy (who I later found out is four years old) playing around in the toy department while his parents shopped for clothes for him. Recently, my store got in this little plastic bike for toddlers; it’s pink and frilly and princess-themed, and when you press different buttons on it, it lights up and plays music. A kid’s dream, basically.

Understandably, the toddler was fascinated by the bike. He started playing with it as his parents shopped through clothes. But then when his dad spotted him, all hell broke loose; his parents had a MELTDOWN. His dad kept telling him to get off the bike, yadda yadda. At first, you might think “Maybe they just don’t want their kid riding a bike around a retail store.” Yeah…no.

At one point, the boy’s dad said: “Look at the back…it has a princess on it.” and the kid just giggled and said “Oh yeah!” Recognizing that his son clearly wasn’t getting “the point”, the dad got frustrated and ended up adding, “It’s pink. Pink is for GIRLS. You can’t play with that, that’s a girl’s toy.” and the little boy just said “No, it’s a kid’s toy.” (Smartest 4 year old ever).

The conversation dragged on and on like this for quite some time, and as I straightened and fixed up the area, I found myself growing more and more frustrated with these parents. The dad even went as far as to pull out toy cars and lawn mowers we were selling and presenting them to his son…all of which bored the little boy. Finally, after HALF AN HOUR OF THIS, the boy’s mother came over and told this FOUR YEAR OLD BOY that he isn’t allowed to touch pink things because he’s a boy.

She and her husband literally told their toddler child that he can’t touch something if it’s pink or stereotypically feminine. Instead of just letting their little kid appease himself with the bike, they chose to have a meltdown because of gender roles and stereotypes.

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100 photos of Tom Felton ~ (53-58)

100 photos of Tom Felton ~ (53-58)

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make me chooselittle-miss-rebecca asked luna or hermione?

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gif battle | vs. remusjohnslupin
round one • two colors

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Lately, more and more people—fans or otherwise—have been making posts acknowledging how pretentious Augustus Waters is. And now some fans are coming out and making angry posts that are like “YOU DON’T GET IT HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE PRETENTIOUS THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT”

So…because he’s supposed to be pretentious, people aren’t allowed to…point out the fact that he’s pretentious?

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Happy 24th birthday EMMA WATSON

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and it was blissful oblivion

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get to know me meme: fav female characters [3/5] - Luna Lovegood
↳ You’re just as sane as I am.

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Fancasting meme : Younger Versions [2/11]: Harry Lloyd as Lucius Malfoy.

"Dear me, what’s the use of being a disgrace to the name of wizard if they don’t even pay you well for it?"

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Malfoy Behind the Mask