Anonymous: Draco as King Henry VIII & Hermione as one of his six wives (you pick)

PLEASE NOTE THIS ISN’T TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY (a few alterations to history have been made for this heh oops):

"Draco," Hermione snapped from her place at the table, already irritated with her husband for the day. He was busy gazing at himself in the small, handheld mirror he had clutched near him at all times, fixing his hair and making sure he looked presentable for the day. She sighed slowly, rolling her eyes and drumming her fingers against the tabletop until the King finally pried his eyes away from the mirror in order to look upon his wife.

"Pansy called upon you…again,” She stated sourly, the thought of one of her husband’s ex-wives contacting him leaving a sour taste in her mouth. She reached for her glass of wine, lifting the heavy goblet and taking a sip before she dared to stare at her husband once more, who looked confused more than anything else.

"And…why are you telling me this, exactly?" was Draco’s only response.

"I just didn’t know if you’d been…you know," Hermione began, trying to hide the anger in her voice. Her dainty hand balled itself into a fist, trembling slightly as she ground her teeth together in controlled rage. "…been feeling temptation for her again, or something.”

The confusion fell from Draco’s face, and he stared at her flatly for a matter of minutes. Nothing could be heard except for the light patter of footsteps as the guards made their usual rounds throughout the castle, and when Hermione felt as though she could take the tension no more, Draco lifted his hand and pounded his fist against the table. The action was startling enough to cause Hermione to jump, and instinctively her hand flew to her chest, willing to calm her pounding heart as she stared at Draco in bewilderment.

"I separated from the national religion of this damn country and helped start a war to divorce the bint, do you really think I’d be fooling around with her again?!” Draco yelled, his voice booming through the castle and causing Hermione to jump again.

"I was just asking!" Hermione screeched in protest. Draco shoved away from the table angrily, storming out of the room and shouting all the way. Hermione couldn’t make out most of what was said, but she was almost certain he was inquiring to the guards as to how the hell he was supposed to breathe with no heir, and after blinking in confusion for a few moments, Hermione sighed and took another sip of her wine.

Kings will be kings, she supposed.

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